Re-Imagining Beginner Piano Lessons through Audiation at the GIML Conference

I had the joy of presenting at the GIML conference with Marilyn White Lowe, Robert Baldwin, and Sarah McCaffrey Ritchie. Since we know many were not able to attend the conference, we decided to record our presentation. Enjoy (and be sure to watch through the end when Marilyn brings Robert through a folk song improvisation extravaganza)!

The handout for the presentation can be downloaded here.

MLAP2: Expanding your Early Childhood Program with Keyboard Games

In Music Learning Academy Presents, Episode 2, Sarah Boyd discusses how she expanded her Music Together program with the group piano class Keyboard Games. Keyboard Games Books A and B provide the perfect transition from early childhood music classes (birth - 4 years old) to formal instruction. Starting at age 4, students in Keyboard Games private lessons or classes (2-4 students) develop a solid music foundation through singing, chanting, moving, and improvising, as well as an awareness of keyboard geography and healthy piano technique. I hope you enjoy the interview with Sarah!


Check out the Keyboard Games student books and teachers manual on the Music Moves for Piano website. If you are interested in taking an online course with everything you need to know to teach Keyboard Games classes, visit the comprehensive course page. To order materials, contact

Enroll Now for the Keyboard Games Online Course

You can now pre-enroll for Keyboard Games: A Comprehensive Course! The goal of this course is to provide you with the tools, resources, and information you need to confidently guide your students’ music development and piano skills with Marilyn Lowe’s Keyboard Games, part of the Music Moves for Piano method.  

What are the benefits of enrolling now? One, your feedback will help in the creation of the content. I want to make sure that this course reflects what teachers need, and the only way I can do that is to create this course side by side with you. Two, because your feedback is so important, there will be many opportunities to connect with me, including a private Facebook group and virtual group meetings.

The cost of the course during the pre-enrollment period, which is now until the full course is launched this summer, is $149, which is half off the full course price! Also, if you sign up before March 15th, you will receive a 30 minute, private, video conference with me to answer any specific questions you might have. This is a $45 value that will not be included in the full course!

I hope you join me for Keyboard Games: A Comprehensive Course!

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MLAP1: Transitioning a Piano Studio to Music Moves for Piano

I’m excited to introduce Music Learning Academy Presents, a podcast/video series about Music Learning Theory and Music Moves for Piano! I have amazing educators lined up to interview and couldn’t be more thrilled with my first guest, Hannah Mayo. She is currently in the process of transitioning her studio to Music Moves for Piano and shares her journey, experiences, challenges, and tips with us. If you are thinking about, or are in the process of, adding Music Learning Theory-based instruction to your studio, this episode will be extremely valuable! Listen as a podcast or watch here:


Music Moves for Piano (audiation-based piano method by Marilyn Lowe)

GIML PDLC (Gordon Institute of Music Learning Professional Development Levels Courses)

Juan Cabeza: Diversions (rote solos)

The Improving Musician (YouTube Channel by Andy Mullen that includes resources to develop your own musicianship with pattern instruction)

Music Moves for Piano Online Course Proposal

In February, I announced the plans for a Music Moves for Piano online course! The following video describes the course proposal, including content plans for courses on Keyboard Games, Book 1 and Book 2. A few plans are already in motion and some have changed since the video was published; however, you may still want to view it to see the plans for the next year. The biggest change is that the mini-course on the lesson plan will not be offered. Instead, the lesson plan will be covered in the comprehensive Keyboard Games course, which is now open for enrollment (pre-enrollment at a discounted price - sign up soon)!