MLAP1: Transitioning a Piano Studio to Music Moves for Piano

I’m excited to introduce Music Learning Academy Presents, a podcast/video series about Music Learning Theory and Music Moves for Piano! I have amazing educators lined up to interview and couldn’t be more thrilled with my first guest, Hannah Mayo. She is currently in the process of transitioning her studio to Music Moves for Piano and shares her journey, experiences, challenges, and tips with us. If you are thinking about, or are in the process of, adding Music Learning Theory-based instruction to your studio, this episode will be extremely valuable! Listen as a podcast or watch here:


Music Moves for Piano (audiation-based piano method by Marilyn Lowe)

GIML PDLC (Gordon Institute of Music Learning Professional Development Levels Courses)

Juan Cabeza: Diversions (rote solos)

The Improving Musician (YouTube Channel by Andy Mullen that includes resources to develop your own musicianship with pattern instruction)