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Re-Imagining Beginner Piano Lessons Through Audiation

  • The Carleton Hotel, IL Oak Park Illinois (map)

Knowing that thousands of preschool age children are enrolled in piano lessons, we will show what an MLT Early Childhood Piano program looks like by demonstrating the following: 1. How young children can learn piano following Gordon's sequential learning theories. 2. How MLT instructors can provide transitional classes to bridge the gap between babies/toddler classes and formal piano instruction. 3. How to organize a creative, playful environment that allows children to learn a music pattern vocabulary and move from Acculturation through Assimilation. 4. How activities such as movement, keyboard, and improvisation build audiation skill. Video clips and attendee participation will show how an audiation-based program starting at ages 3-4 forms a solid foundation to continue formal piano instruction with success.